Maternal & Child Health

Improving the well-being of mothers, infants and children is an important public health goal for Saginaw. Their well-being determines the health of the next generation and can help predict future public health challenges for families, our community, and the healthcare system.

The following indicators are strong measures of the overall health of our community. 

As part of our BWell Saginaw Community Health Improvement Plan, three separate work groups will focus on three strategies to impact our maternal/child health priority.

Community Health Improvement Plan
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Since 2009, Saginaw has identified infant mortality as a top health priority across the county. This has generated years of planning and programming. As result, Saginaw has wonderful programs and services for mothers, infants and children. But none address the gaps at the system level:


  • Equitable access to services for all women
  • Coordinated care for all women
  • Universal education, outreach, and understanding of programs and services by healthcare providers, expectant moms, and the general public