#19: If someone you know feels hopeless… (IG)

If someone you know feels hopeless and expresses thoughts of wanting to die, here are some practical dos and don’ts to help them.  Do LISTEN with the intention of feeling what they feel so you can authentically understand and reflect this back to them. VALIDATE what they are experiencing and show concern for their situation. DO NOT rationalize, debate, try to “fix” their situation, make them see the “bright side” of things, or shame them for feeling hopeless.

TAKE IT SERIOUSLY if they mention self-injury or suicide. Do not keep this a secret, even if they ask you to. Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 for guidance or TEXT “Need to talk” to 741741. If you believe your friend is in immediate danger, all 9-1-1.

A self-care tool from BWell Saginaw


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